Budgeting & Forecasting

Using Statistical Accounts

Budgeting and Reporting on Statistical Accounts

Support for Statistical Accounts

  • Martus Integrations provide a method to sync activity into Martus to show monthly totals and drilldowns so you can see activity in these accounts.
  • Statistical account information is available on all standard Martus reports like the Income Statement, Multi-Year Budget to Actuals, Planner Summary, Side-by-Side Budget Comparison, Budget Analysis, etc.
  • You can also budget for statistical accounts and use budgeted statistical values within SPWs.
  • Statistical accounts can even be combined in reporting groups, so you can use values for statistical accounts budgeted elsewhere in your budget to calculate budgeted amounts for GL accounts.

This feature is part of the Advanced Plus subscription to Martus. It is available for Sage Intacct and File-Based integrations to Martus. This feature is not configured by default; if you’d like to use it, reach out to Martus Support via email to support@martussolutions.com.

For Sage Intacct Integrations 

With a Sage Intacct integration, Sage Intacct's statistical accounts are synced into Martus. The nightly update provides monthly totals and drilldowns so you can see activity in these accounts.

Once budgeted, statistical accounts are uploaded to Intacct along with the rest of your budget. 

Note that Martus supports statistical accounts with a report type “For the period”, which are intended to report net change for the period, similar to how income and expense accounts are reported. Martus ignores statistical accounts with a report type “Cumulative”.


For File-Based Integrations 

Martus also supports budgeting and reporting on Statistical Accounts for file-based integrations. To use this feature, create accounts within Martus that have the type of Stats. Then, include statistical account activity in the Transaction file that is used to import income and expense activity.

Setup Considerations

Statistical accounts are Account Type “Stats”. That type is used within Martus to identify statistical accounts separately from GL accounts.

Statistical accounts can be assigned to account categories. Budget amounts for statistical accounts can be aggregated in reporting groups. Any given category or reporting group cannot contain both GL and statistical accounts.

Statistical accounts can be set to Restricted, Excluded, and Limited Drilldown just as can be done with GL accounts. Just as with GL accounts, user permissions determine access to stats accounts that have been set as Restricted, Excluded, or Limited Drilldown.


Statistical Account Information on Reports

With this option enabled, the Financial and Planner reports show an additional section for Stats, below the Net Gain/Loss total, as illustrated below for the Income Statement.  (A totals line is not shown for Stats accounts, and Stats accounts are not included in any report totals.) You can drill down on Stats account data just as you can drill down on GL accounts.

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You can use the Transaction Detail to filter to any statistical account to see details of actuals posted to that account. You can also use the Account Type dropdown on the Transaction Detail to limit the display to accounts of the type "Stats". The Transaction Detail does provide a total for all transactions listed – for Stats accounts as well as GL accounts.

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The Worksheets page indicates whether statistical accounts are budgeted on any worksheet:

Budgeting with Stats Accounts

Stats accounts can be budgeted on worksheets. In Planner > Worksheets, once you have selected a worksheet to edit, use the "Stats" tab at the top of the worksheet to see your stats.

Stats accounts can also be budgeted on SPWs. They can be used in formulas within SPWs.  Here’s an illustration of an SPW that budgets with Stats accounts:

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The budgeted values for new and renewal members are assigned to Stats accounts, and totals are shown in the Summary of the SPW. These values can be used in the formulas to calculate the expected revenue, as shown in this example where the budgeted member numbers are multiplied times the membership rate.  

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Stats accounts can also be used in GSPWs. Additionally, by creating a Reporting Group, you can even include in your formula the budgeted values for a statistical account or accounts that are budgeted in another worksheet.

Introduction to Statistical Accounts (Video)

Martus supports budgeting and reporting on Statistical Accounts that are defined within Sage Intacct.  Martus also supports statistical accounts for file-based integrations.